Live: Willem Dudok, Johnny Wonder/ NS, Dutch Railway

February 16, 2017 / 09:29 AM UTC

Willem is director and chief strategist for Johnny Wonder, a communications agency of the digital age. He works primarily for NS, The Dutch Railway, where he is in charge of their Social Media activities.

Moments / Social posts, reactions and insights from the event

We did something interesting with the young Youtube vloggers. The reason why it was so successful is that they created their own content, stuff we wouldn't come up with, but resonated in those target groups.

VR is really interesting and has a lot of concequences for our field. Short term we are looking to integration between the different social systems. We need to look at it as an integral eco system

People are looking too much on short term results, where you need to have the long term perspective

Willem's challenge to marketers; fixation on like and shares. Look further than that! Formulate a brand statement that you can measure over time.