Live: Søren Nørgaard, TwentyThree™

February 14, 2017 / 02:59 PM UTC

Søren Nørgaard is part of the growth team at TwentyThree - The Video Marketing Platform. Prior to joining TwentyThree he founded CAREMAKER, the biggest social fundraising platform in Europe and worked as a business developer in Shanghai. He is now on a mission to help companies utilize the full potential of online video.

Moments / Social posts, reactions and insights from the event

Video production framework cheat sheet from Søren.

Funnel cheat sheet for you to download

Enable your team to produce video

Make sure you have exact KPIs for where you use video in the funnel. What do you want to achieve?

Look beyond the vanity metrics. Who are the people behind the plays?

Avoid the eternal loop. Make sure you don't build a website that throws your audience out again.

"Don't build your house on rented land"

We need to think of where we publish when we make a video. On Facebook they are in a different mode than on your website.

Video can be a lot of things. Not only the Jean Claude Van Damme kind of video that belongs in the awareness part of the funnel.

Establishing some core facts; people expect video, video is everywhere, a great tool for conversion and video is top of the list for digital marketers

Søren Nørgaard from TwentyThree is live from Copenhagen. He has promised to give you his video marketing cheat sheet after his talk