Live: Simon Lajboschitz, Khora

February 16, 2017 / 02:59 PM UTC
Simon Lajboschitz | Founder of Khora
Simon built a community hub in the Virtual Reality industry in Denmark, by founding the 1st VR store in the World, Khora, and becoming one of the leading Danish VR experts. This has enabled him to establish key connections in different industries that needed VR ranging from: Architecture, Education, Healthcare, Art and Vcommerce (VR-ecommerce).

Moments / Social posts, reactions and insights from the event

Simon showing the Khora education wall; how VR can be used in different cases

There is a huge PR opportunity. Every VR project has a PR angle to it, as it will get attention.

For marketers: If you get people to try this experience people will remember it as a memory. They will feel very strongly about it.

Now we have 360 video on Youtube and Facebook, so we are getting there. The big platforms are driving the development forward.

We are in a medium that builds memories, by creating the full experiences. So I think this will be the main paradigm shift.

Right now we have wikipedia as a source for learning, but what if you want an experiential learning, how will it look like?

Education is another meaningful and useful way of using VR: Immersive learning for instance.

In the case of dementia we used the technology to bring back the memory with the closest you get to reality

VR has been used in many different meaningful ways.

People come in with expertise in different areas, so it's nice to be able to have those conversations to see where VR can ble applied to in different ways

Khora has a walk in shop as an office for people to be able to come in, use and interact with the technology