Live: Micha Hershman, Eventbrite

February 15, 2017 / 04:59 PM UTC

Micha Hershman is the Senior Director of Demand Generation and Inbound Marketing at Eventbrite. He is a nerd-media omnivore obsessed with pop-art, comics, Sci Fi and movies. You can chat with him @mdhershman on the Twitters.

Moments / Social posts, reactions and insights from the event

Innovation is more on the functional level, such as account based marketing

I pride our team success in "the devil is in the details"

We do readability score and tone score to make sure we are in accordance with ourselves and our audience

Don't innovate where you don't have to. You don't need to innovate on something that someone has figured it out already

The fundamentals: e-mail marketing is a huge driver of most of our businesses. Get that right!

If you are in a casual industry we approach you casually and vice versa

Excellence is the mastery of fundementals

We write content to solve our prospects pain points

We have two teams working closely together: A content team that focuses on creating compelling and helpful content, and a channel marketing team and they do performance marketing to deliver that content to all our prospects around the world.