Live: Guillaume Cabane, Segment

February 15, 2017 / 06:59 PM UTC

Guillaume Cabane is the VP of Growth at Segment. Prior to joining Segment he was Head of Marketing at Mention. In addition to other marketing roles at French companies, Guillaume spent 6 years at Apple as the Business Development Manager for Europe Online B2B. Outside of work, Guillaume is a startup advisor (and t-shirt collector), husband, father and Pastafarian.

Moments / Social posts, reactions and insights from the event

Prediction: As marketers we need to create different messages for different people, and then rely on AI to put it across to the right ones

We are getting more and more signals of how close a person is to buy, so what we are thinking about in the future we will have AI that detects what one should talk about with each person and in which channel

People hunt to drive the low cost of acquisition. I don't believe that. I try to think the opposite. The whole experience should be optimised for conversion- so well that I can actually pay more as I don't need that many.

Injecting the right data in the chats: being relevant, offering the right use cases from the industry the potential customer is from.

We know all the tools they are using on their website and we offer the right solution to them. It's being helpful. It's not being creepy but cool.

It's a fine line between creepiness and being helpful

When you have that data: What can I do as marketer to impact their experience?

How far can we personalise the experience?

As fast as possible; when we have the company still on your website, catching the company data to personalise the message

Challenge: I don't think I can create a message that fits everyone. I believe one should create a message for each person. That's my experiment.